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Niiyorii is a real world creative turned digital. huge music, gamer and anime aficionado..
If They're not making art for clients and friends, They're creating content playing Final Fantasy XIV, or probably sleeping..

For Any Commission Requests Please Go Here

Where to Find me.

I have made myself available on most social media platforms for communication convenienceand post regularly on them all, If you have any quick questions or small queries, this is the fastest way to find a response..
Visit me sometime won't you?
Maybe a follow?? 😊

About Me.

Hi everyone, I'm Niyori
I am new to digital art. (~2 Years Hobby Artist)
Art is my favourite past time and passion.
I have worked in the creative industry for 8 years with
Game Designers, Programming and alot of concept artists as a free agent..
Art is a way for me to de-stress and unwind, A very important step in my daily routine to micromangement of condition known as Epilepsy...
I spend 3 days a week working Full Time on projects and commissions and The remaining two work days are devoted to managing a passive-operated online art shop; fulfilling orders, making and creating custom works and designs; and I love it.In-between my workhours and off days, I share the occasional doodle, gaming moment across social media...

Other interests

  • Being a huge Square Enix, Sega and Bandai fan for franchise games like: Final Fantasy, Yakuza, Tales of.. and occasionally joins the Virtual World of VRChat, Beat Saber and other notible VR Experiences.

  • Running an art and merch shop supporting new streamers with free Streamer starter packs.

  • Exploring and enjoying the adventure into digital art.

an Image based version of commission prices with samples Please refer to commission prices text for a full comprehensive list
an Image based version of commission prices with samples Please refer to commission prices text for a full comprehensive list
an Image based version of commission prices with samples Please refer to commission prices text for a full comprehensive list

Commissions can take a short time, or a long time depending on multiple factors

Commission Details

I Will Draw

Original Characters, Personal Avatars,
Game/Anime Character(s) / Fanart
Humanoid (Biped Anthro's OK)
Real people, Animals
Props/ Scene Objects
backdrops / backgrounds.
Twitch Assets: Emotes, Sub Badges, Bit Badges, Panels, Banners, Overlays.

I May Draw

Quadra-ped Anthropomorph (A Big Maybe)
Mild NSFW/ Risque (Nothing of a Sexual Nature)
Moderate to Intricate detail (like armour adorning, engraving, fine jewellery etc.)

I Will Not Draw

NSFW/porn, gore, hyper-realism or hyper-detailed (quite literally hyper-anything)
Vore, Explicit Nudity.. that includes Rule-34
Other possible concepts that I feel is outside my level of expertise.

Commission Prices

Full/Half/Portrait OC: $90 / $45 / $15
Chibi Full-Pint: $25
Profile Picture(Portrait): $12
Chibi Half-Pint: $15
Social Media Banner: $7
Emote/ Bit/ Sub Badge Sets : $30
Twitch Panels/ Static Overlays: $15
Twitch/ Social Media Banner: $5
Channel Point Currency: $5
Other Prices
Logo Design: $50
Merch Design: $150
Stream Bundles: Message Me!

Getting Started

The quickest and easiest way is to
Use This Commission Request form and email me here... I will reply as soon as available!

Commissions made on External platforms will remain on that Platform

Getting Started (Option 1)

For a more streamlined approach - In the circumstance that the form is in any shape overwhelming.I can accept your email as following:

  • Subject: COMMISSION Sandra Clark (Replaced with your name/preferred name/ social handle)

  • Email body: Commission Details
    name / PayPal email / Preferred Social media & Username/Handle followed by What you are looking for including - size (half, full body, portrait), backdrop/ or scene details..
    Provide as many References of characters, clothing, features, pose and expression, composition tone (scene vibe) be as thorough in your description as much as you believe can aid your portrayal of the commission..

1. Once (If/When) Your Commission is accepted, I will issue an invoice totalling 50% of the project value to confirm the Authenticity of Your Commission and Commission Slot,
The second payment will be done after the commission is marked as finalising and I have prepared the Commission Final.

Commissions can take a short time, or a long time depending on multiple factors

2. After Payment, Your Commission will begin on the date the Commission slot was given, I will send you a Sketch, A draft Lined WIP, and a non-shaded Colour/Flat WIP before Continuing Your Commission.. Stages operate on a Traffic light basis, with a maximum of 3 re-touches/edits
any more will cost more, for additional changes.

Stay updated with the commission tracker

3. Once your commission is complete, You will know Immediately when your Commission card has been moved to "Finalising" - You will receive a sample of the final commission attached with a second invoice to complete your commission payment..

I allow ONE, Alteration on the Final such as Colour-grading/Saturation/ Overlay toning.. but deep-editing (redrawing/recolouring) will incur a 5% redraw fee.
Once you confirm the completion of Your Commission with your payment You will receive the Final via email with my warmest Thanks for giving me the opportunity..

Getting Started (Option 2)

I can accept your commission on a reputable and trusted art platform such as : Ko-fi, Artistree, VGen

Terms of Service

Dear First Timers.
These terms are to ensure that those that do seek a commission - value Their time; and the time of Others which also shows that You are genuine and passionate about your Artistic idea...
They do not just protect me, They protect You and provide a safe and secure experience when Commissioning Art for the first time.

I Do Not Claim Ownership of any References used in Private Commissions
Art referenced is used only for pose, expression, tone and/or colour, not design elements or concepts related to the referencing image.These nutshell terms are for the protection of all artists and myself and comm'ers and have been carefully assessed to make sure that all terms are for everyone's benefit.If you are unsure of, or have a general question about any of these terms, feel free to reach out..

In a Nutshell...

Work & Communication
Workdays are Monday, Wednesday and Fridays
Comms will be done, drawn or illustrated within the hours of 9am and 6pm
as to the specifications of your choice.
Any and all communication will be made through the platform the commission was received through
The communication channel You have specified with Your request..
Invoicing and Payments will happen on the platform it has been requested through. Or through an itemized invoice through Stripe/ Paypal.
After 7 days of an unpaid request I will offer a payment plan or a reschedule.Usage
Certain commissions are for private use, please be sure to specify if your commission is for personal/private use or for Commercial (Creator) Use..
Sharing on Social Media without consent ❌
Sharing on Social Media with credit ✅
Reposting, editing, copying, referencing without consent ❌
Refunds and Cancellations.
A Cancellation fee of 25% will be applied to any Commission that (whichever happens first):
- Have already accepted a WIP.
- Initiated 3 Hours of active drawing time.
- Have already completed the Commission
Cancellations without the fee must be for valid professional reasons or personal emergencies and outside the options of rescheduling or re-joining a waitlist queue...

Contact Me

For Sponsorships or Prospective Partner/ Affiliate Offers please use the Form below.
If you are Looking to Commission me for Art - Do not use this contact form - follow the "Commission Me" button above
I Do Not Reply to personal emails... For Personal contact use my listed socials

About My History on Social Media

This part of my website is to address a few things to whoever asks about my social media and previous names/usertags

Q: Why did I delete my other accounts/ unfollow/ rebrand
A:I joined to connect, create and friend.
I treat people how I would like myself to be treated and in cases like this where I'm not...
I have had my shared experience of being exploited and goaded into false senses of friendship along with many others I have become friends with..
and because of this..I removed myself from these spaces without any hesitation or regret..
That is my answer.. I am an empathic being with thoughts and emotions..
A little unpopular fact about people online that only invest in others when it suits them:
It's called Celebrity Syndrome;
Individuals that will use, abuse and throw away anyone who isn't of some benefit without any consideration...
There has been a known pattern along with those that defend them and they are eventually cancelled... and to that I say...
--Pressuring your viewership to subscribing is grooming exploitation and predatory...
--Placing your name forward for free art without tip or honest feedback or a shout out is.. yet again exploitative and Predatory...
-- Ignoring the warnings and signs from real artists and using Generative AI for your "starting soon" template or "Twitch banner" is .... exploitation and THEFT..
LISTEN TO THE ARTISTS!!!I support everyone. that is a fact; an example of this Altruism is my Ko-Fi shop starting from 2021 has had Free emotes, badges, banners, wallpapers and more uploaded quite regularly for over 4 years and I have never asked for anything,
Since that then, I've quit my attempts to nurture any real, meaningful relationships and I am currently in statis of healing and self-preservation...
I make time for those that make time for me and until then I will make no effort at all with anyone if it means to be simply goaded into the idea.